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Bossanova's success leads to additional restaurant

by Kelsey Taul posted Jul 3 2013 10:40 AM

  Local businesses are the heart that keeps the body of the community alive and well. They bring a local aspect as well as a friendly face to the business world. Bossanova is one of the local businesses that have had the opportunity to bask in the light of success over the years. The owner of the restaurant & lounge, Russ Smith, became enthused to talk about his business as we sat down to discuss his success.  

  “I became lucky,” stated Smith, “because my restaurant has a niche. You see various sports bars, family restaurants and chain restaurants around here, but I wanted to provide the community with something different. I wanted people to walk in and feel like it was downtown Chicago; something that had a more ‘loungy’ feel and was a unique slice of something different.”

  The success of this business, like any, did not happen overnight, it was worked for and earned over the years. “My staff is knowledgeable, positive, and honest as well. That’s something that has contributed to my success greatly. My managers, Steve Ricks and Jill McNamara have been here from the get-go,” said Smith. “The fact that we have something unique to offer makes success a bit easier to come by.”

  Even though success for Bossanova is apparent, it was not achieved on its own. The River Bend area provides innumerable benefits along with a local advantage. “I have been here for so long and there is a lot to like. The fact that this area is small, but not too small is something beneficial. There is a historical aspect to the area as well as physical beauty right down to the brick streets, the architecture, and the lime stone bluffs. There becomes a lot to sell when you are near a river and within such a historical place. It comes down to the destination,” said Smith with a friendly smile upon his face.  

  There have been various rumors about Russ Smith opening up another business in town. He was able to articulate a few facts about the new place, “It will be another niche concept, it being a multi-tap beer restaurant. This is one thing that has been done very well in other markets. There has been a huge resurgence in the amount of import beers. When you have more complex beers, they tend to sell better and they begin to become something of a segment much like wine. It’s another unique aspect that I am excited about offering to the downtown Alton area.”

  When it comes to a new business, it is difficult to discover a place to start. “It takes a lot of hours of hard work to begin and run a business. It’s something to be prepared for if you are looking to open your own business,” began Smith. “You should always be aware of the resources that are offered around you. Take advantage of those resources. You have your local website Riverbender.com that can help with your business. Alton Marketplace can help you find a location as well as help to improve your look. The Growth Association is another business you can use to your advantage. Resources around the area become a bigger help than you think.” 

Visit their website at http://www.altonbossa.com/ 


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