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The Job Hunt...Now on Pinterest?

by Lizzy Shake posted Mar 25 2014 4:16 PM

It's a funny thing...so many of us are guilty of perusing our favorite social media sites at work. Some people have even spent enough time at it to get in trouble, or worse, fired! Even when we're not at work, we're all likely to be at least a little bit guilty of using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram just for fun, to kill time, when we could be doing something more productive (those dishes are not going to wash themselves!). It may shock you to learn, then, how much our favorite social media sites can benefit us when we're job hunting. 

I recently began a new job here at Riverbender.com, and I'm very happy with it, so I'm not currently searching for work, but practically everyone knows someone who is. This recent Mashable article by Yohana Desta explores a few of the ways that social media can improve the job hunt, and I'm inclined to agree that using search terms like "jobs" and "hiring" will be beneficial - but is Tumblr really the best place to find your dream job listing? I once found a Craigslist ad shared on a Facebook page for an unpaid internship that changed the entire course of my career, so I'm inclined to say, "Take a risk! Try anything!"

But I also think that, just as it was fifty years ago, so much of the job hunt has to do with who you know, especially here in the plethora of small towns that make up the River Bend. One of the best ways social media can benefit your job search, in my opinion, is by making it quicker and easier to communicate with your network of friends and family. Do your friends who work in your field know you're looking for a job? Post a Facebook status update or a Tweet that tags those friends, and they will. One of those friends might know about a job opening at his or her own company, or at a company he or she works with, that would be a perfect fit for the friend who wasn't afraid to post "Does anyone know about a great gig in the (sales, tech, education - anything) field?"


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