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The power of video marketing

by Kelsey Taul posted Jan 29 2013 3:02 PM

If you aren’t on board the video marketing train yet, you may want to look into it! Research shows that video should be the major focus of your marketing and advertising. Some individuals think of billboards or brochures when it comes to marketing rather than the more obvious choice of video marketing. Video Marketing is everywhere.

YouTube is a site that is known around the globe. It also happens to be the second largest search engine on the internet; with Google easily taking first, of course. Millions of people watch videos every day. Some videos are just for fun, while others are simply for business. 

   There are videos that range from up front advertising for businesses to how to make a sandwich. Be it for business, information, or just for pleasure, millions of people are now on YouTube and other video sites as often or more often than they are in front of their TV sets.  Videos are a perfect way to get a worldwide audience for businesses. If you or your video would be better suited for a local audience, you can utilize Riverbender.com or other local sites to promote your message.  

Video Marketing is clearly the most engaging way to provide customers with information pertaining to your company.  Besides having a good video, the key to success is getting as many viewers as possible for your message.  You can post videos on your company’s website, but you will also want to post them to YouTube, Riverbender.com, Facebook, and any other website that has a significant audience. Riverbender.com can even help you get your video on TV sets using devices like ROKU or smart TVs.  If you only post to your website, your reach can be pretty limited.  If you want thosands of views you'll need to post your videos to the websites that have the best audience for you.

The following video links are just a few examples of how local companies are using video to promote their business.


If you’d like more information about Riverbender.com's video production and/or promotion services, contact the sales department to get started.

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