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by Kelsey Taul posted Feb 27 2013 11:51 AM

Social media is growing constantly throughout our society. In July 2006, one of the latest social sites launched with the name of ‘Twitter.’ The public site became a national phenomenon quicker than anyone expected. With people ‘tweeting’ about absolutely everything, it was easy for it to become popular in today’s society.

As of 2010, there were 106 million users on Twitter with 55 million tweets per day. Now there are over 100 million accounts actually active on Twitter every month with over 55 million users per day. Overall, there are 200 million registered users on Twitter; 55 million of those users log on to Twitter via phone or tablet. The website alone receives over 400 million visitors per month. The phenomenon also holds a record of 8,900 tweets per second. These are only a few statistics that actually show the vast popularity of the site.

   What people fail to see is that Twitter can easily be taken advantage of by none other than businesses. Twitter is a simple way for businesses to connect with their customers through media. Having 'Followers' on Twitter means that people get the daily or weekly updates that are posted from your account. The more followers you have, the more people you have reading what you put out there. 

Twitter also allows you to post pictures from the website or from a program called 'Instagram.' Research shows that people will respond better to pictures rather than merely reading a post. Consumers are more likely to retain the message if there is some sort of visual aid that goes along with it. It's also a way to get customer feedback quickly and efficiently. Therefore, if there is a problem with anything pertaining to your company and someone points it out to you via Twitter, you can fix the problem effortlessly.

There are tons of businesses that use Twitter such as: Target, Direct TV, Starbucks, Walmart, and thousands more. They use Twitter as a way to encourage customers to come into their store and see the sales they may have that day. Target uses their account to promote contests for their customers, which is an easy way to gain followers when others do what is called ‘retweeting’ that contest. When they retweet the contest, their followers can see it as well and respond to it making it a never ending cycle, gaining Target more and more publicity.  Not too long ago, Target tweeted, ‘We're giving away twenty-five, $25 Target GiftCards every day through 11/21! Enter daily for a chance to win here: http://bit.ly/W5tqYR .’ With a link within their tweet, customers have access right there, which will get Target brownie points with their customers.

Twitter also provides you with the ability to keep up with trends in your industry; therefore allowing you to better focus the information you are conveying to your customers. 

I'll be honest, most of the tweets on Twitter are pointless and some are just utter nonsense. However, you can bring an ample amount of sense to the website by using it for your company. 

Twitter is a great way to self-promote your business. It’s simple to tweet about an event going on through the business or new products the business may have. Twitter can be confusing at first, but once you get started, like many other things you might put off, it's not that hard. 


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