GODFREY - Custard scoops, custard shakes and even custard sodas are on the menu at Shivers.

Shivers Frozen Custard, located at 3318 Godfrey Road, offers the area a wide selection of frozen concoctions, both in the sweltering heat of July and the blistering cold of January. Current owner Brian "Mr. Shivers" Morris said he had been a part of the business since it started in 2008. After purchasing the business in February 2015, Morris has been improving an already-successful establishment. 

"We made the decision to stay open year-round last year," he said. "When January rolled around, I looked like the smartest guy in town." 

Besides outdoor seating, the business also operates a drive-thru. Morris credited that drive-thru with part of the reason the extended winter hours were successful. 

During the summer months, the creamery hosts musical acts every Friday night until they close after 11 p.m. Morris said local radio station, WLCA 89.9 FM, has broadcast live from some of their events. Morris said the addition of fun activities is part of his mission to not only serve the customers, but care for them as well. 

"I tell all my workers they are not just serving people, they are caring for them as well," he said. 

Morris lives and breathes frozen custard and customer service. After studying computer science at Lewis and Clark Community College, Morris made the decision to run Shivers after purchasing it from Doyle Beck. Morris had already been a trusted manager at the establishment when he bought it. 

"He (Beck) was looking for someone to give an opportunity," Morris said. "I'm glad I was the one who received it." 

"Scooping cones," as Morris described his work, is a simple, yet high-quality practice. Morris said the frozen custard served at Shivers is made within an hour of being served. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are three constant flavors, which are augmented by whatever happens to be the "flavor of the day." 

Frozen custard is different from ice cream and frozen yogurt in many ways. The first and most obvious difference is the addition of eggs into frozen custard. Frozen custard is also not whipped as much as ice cream and frozen yogurt, which means each spoonful of frozen custard is more dense than its counterparts. Morris said frozen custard also contains just as many, if not fewer, calories than ice cream. 

One concoction found at Shivers, which is a unique delight, is a "custard soda." Custard sodas, Morris said, are based on old-timey ice cream sodas. To make them, frozen custard is mixed with carbonated water in a machine, which gives the custard the texture of a bubbly milkshake. A few more dollops of frozen custard are added to the mix like a float. 

The mascot of the business is Shivers, a penguin, who Morris has expanded from a window decal to a character. Some evenings, Shivers can be seen partying with customers. Custard enthusiasts and penguin fanatics alike can also purchase shirts featuring his face. 

More information can be found by calling the business at (618) 466-6915.