ALTON - Musicians seeking professional recordings no longer have to cross the river to get them. 

Lighthouse Sounds, located at 115 Market St. in Alton, is a professional recording studio founded by three friends in Jan. 2016. Jay Stanley, Alex St. Cin, and Brennan Struif invested roughly $20,000 into the former Lighthouse Bar building to renovate it into a studio. Struif, who is an audio engineer, said the finished product is perfect for musicians of any genre. 

"We try to keep everything as analog as possible, which is good in a studio environment," Struif said. "It keeps the signal clean from any digital interference." 

Struif said the studio also has a 32-channel console and a "large arsenal" of top-of-the-line microphones. They also have a collection of instruments and tube amplifiers readied for musicians to use. 

A lot has happened for Lighthouse Sounds a bit more than halfway through its first year. Struif said he and St. Cin have recorded many artists from several genres. Struif said some of their first clients have been from as far across the musical spectrum as bluegrass and hip-hop. He said R&B singer, Tanya Brooks, and her crew came from Nashville, Tenn., to record at the studio. 

"I thought it was cool they wanted to come up here and record with us, because there's hundreds of studios down there," Struif said. "They said they liked the atmosphere up here. They said it felt like home." 

Lighthouse Sounds sponsored a show at Old Bakery Beer Company earlier in the year, featuring local musicians. Struif said he intended to have more sponsored shows this coming fall and winter. 

One of the bands playing that show, Polyshades, is a psychedelic surf rock band who also records at Lighthouse Sounds. Another up-and-coming local band Struif is excited to record is called MSG, which includes members from the Riverbend area and Litchfield. 

"They're pretty heavy," Struif said. "That's really cool. We have a large variety of music." 

Besides being audio engineers, Struif and St. Cin are both musicians. Struif said being a musician as well as an audio engineer greatly assists him with helping clients.

Rates for recording at Lighthouse Sounds are $50 an hour. They can be reached on their Facebook page or by calling the studio at (618) 374-6365. Struif said most clients can be scheduled within a week of contacting them. 

Struif is also bringing music licensing to the studio. He has been doing it himself for years. Music licensing involves selling background music and music for commercials. He said he is trying to incorporate that more into the studio as well.