EDWARDSVILLE - A new "West Coast-inspired" boutique has opened up in Edwardsville. Wild Heart Boutique had its grand opening on September 2nd and owner Brooke Lynch couldn't be happier with the turn out. 

"It has always kind of been a dream of mine [to open Wild Heart]. I come from a family of fashionistas, so it's kind of in my blood," Lynch said. 

The boutique, located on 2121 State Route 157 features the latest in clothes, shoes, and accessories such as hats and jewelry. 

"I always want to say it's bohemian, but I also carry a lot of staple pieces. Cross-generational is the best word to describe my store. My idea was to bring in women from ages 18 to 80," said Lynch. 

Lynch attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California, at the mere age of 18, just one month out of high school.  Although she had always had an interest, Lynch really learned fashion on the west coast.  

"I went back and forth with whether I wanted to design or open my own business, but I'm just too social to sit in front of a sewing machine and sketch book all day," said Lynch. 

Lynch likes to coordinate a lot of laid-back styles with dressy styles.  A lot of the pieces sold at Wild Heart are very versatile, and can go from day to night.  

"I was mentored for 10 months last year and was taught how to be successful in the clothing industry. One of the best pieces of advice my mentor gave me was to open a store in a community that’s growing and thriving," Lynch said. 

Wild Heart Mondays through Saturdays from 10 to 7, and Sundays from 12 to 5 for all of your essential fall pieces.  Keep Edwardsville unique by shopping locally.  For more about Wild Heart, visit their Facebook page and Instagram (@shop_wildheart).