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Break Room Blunders and Your Waistline

According to a recent study released by the CDC the average worker is getting an extra 1,300 calories in their weekly diet from snacking at the office. We talk to an OSF HealthCare Registered Dietitian about how those extra calories add up and what you can do to avoid the temptation. This story includes a downloadable script, interview clips, b-roll and photographs.

Making a Move to Keep Arthritis in Check

Arthritis affect an estimated 54 million adults. It’s a condition that causes inflammation, stiffness, and pain in the joints. The pain can be debilitating. This story includes interview bites with an orthopedic surgeon about treatment options and things you can do if you’re dealing with the disease. A script is included as well.

Transforming Health Care through Innovation

OSF HealthCare Neurologist Makes Strides in Work to Improve Care for ALS Patients

OSF HealthCare may not be a major research center studying ALS, but one doctor from the OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute is developing devices to not only help diagnose the disease the sooner but help those with Lou Gehrig’s participate in drug trials, no matter where they live. This story includes downloadable script, video interview clips, a picture and a youtube video about the Ed and Ann Family Endowment.

OSF HealthCare Unveils OSF Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago

OSF HealthCare has created the OSF Innovation Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), part of UICs Innovation Center. Students and professors will focus on breakthrough innovations for the most vulnerable populations, solving for tools and technologies that are non-existent today. This story includes a news release and photos from the lab in Chicago.

OSF HealthCare Features

Male Nurses Becoming More Commonplace in Medicine

OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony College of Nursing has seen an increase in male students. In fact, the school outpaces the national average for male students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. For many, it’s the stability of the nursing profession, as well as the satisfaction of helping others. This story includes a downloadable script, an sound bite from a male student at Saint Anthony, and two sound bites from the president of the college. There is also b-roll of Saint Anthony students working on lab assignments.

Almost Home Kids – Peoria Construction on the Homestretch

Construction on the OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois Almost Home Kids facility in Peoria is on the homestretch, with about two months remaining. This story is a first look inside the ongoing construction. The location will be a bridge to home, and offer respite care, for children with complex medical conditions. This story includes interviews with the site director and construction project manager, broll, a photo, and script.

Time Capsule Provides Glimpse of St. Joseph’s Past

OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center took a step back into history Friday. OSF HealthCare leadership marked 50 years at the Bloomington hospital’s East Washington Street location by opening a time capsule. This story includes a look at the time capsule’s contents, a downloadable script, interview clips, b-roll and photographs.